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The Dominican Republic Dumecologist Program begins on 1 September 2022. Here are the Questions and Answer to the DR Dumecologist Program. If you are thinking of joining

  1. What is the DR Dumecologist Program?

Dumecologist are those who teach English to students of all ages and nationalities on the Dumecology program. The Dumecology program involves facilitating the English lessons as the teacher and students travel to exciting destinations around the world. The title of Dumecology is granted when a student achieves a Masters in one of the required majors, and has also traveled a minimum of 6,000 miles enjoying English conversation with students of other languages.


2. Who can participate in the program to become a Dumecologist?

University students who are in there Junior or senior year who are majoring or minoring in Linguistics, TESOL, TESL, English or Communications; can begin to log in their Dumecology travel hours.  There are exceptions to policy for Walsh University students who are full time sophomore and junior students.


  1. What expenses will I have to cover and what will be included for free in the program?

Round trip airfare from the U.S to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is covered by the student. Housing in a two-person private room with bath, Internet and three meals per day is free/included. The students are arriving to the Dominican Republic as volunteers same as traveling students.  


  1. What are the places in the Dominican Republic I will be able to visit?



  1. Is the Dumecology/Dumecologist a credited program like other University I.E.P programs? Both the Dumecology and the summer 2023 I.E.P program have a path for accreditation. Presently, the program is a tourism


  1. What type of Visa will I need to visit the Dominican Republic and participate in the program?


U.S citizens do not need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic. Students are entering as students and will travel in the DR with other students and Dominican citizens as tourist.


  1. What recognition/certificate will I be awarded after completion of the program?

All the miles traveled in the Dominican Republic will be logged and registered. These miles count towards the World United Dumecologist Certification. (6,000 travel miles are needed along with the required degree)


  1. Where will I live/what type of housing accommodation will I be living at?

Modern U.S type apartment with private room and bath, internet, all utilities, three meals per day, air conditioning etc.


  1. What are examples of the three meals per day that are included in the program?


  1. What are the ages of the students we will be teaching English to? Students of all ages


  1. What type of vehicles will we be traveling on when we visit destinations in the Dominican Republic?


Enterprise rental car provides the vehicles which are usually 12 or 15 passenger Vans


  1. What do I need to bring with me to participate in the program?


Clothes for warm weather, laptop/your favorite electrical devices,


  1. If I want to stay in the Dominican Republic longer than 30 days, can I?

Students can request to stay longer then 30 days if they wish to do so.


  1. What is an example of a program week schedule?


  1. If we are doing our Masters on line, will we have time to study and do our assignments while on the program? Student studies and assignments are priority. There will be plenty of time to study as we travel and enjoy the different sites.