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  1. Who is a Dumecologist?

Dumecologist are those who teach English to students of all ages and nationalities on the Dumecology program. The Dumecology program involves facilitating the English lessons as the teacher and students travel to exciting destinations around the world. The title of Dumecologist is awarded to those who have Masters degree in one of the required majors, and have traveled a minimum of 6,000 miles on the Dumecology I.E.P program. 


2. Who can participate in the program to become a Dumecologist?

University students who are in there Junior or senior year who are majoring or minoring in Linguistics, TESOL, TESL, English or Communications; can begin to log in their Dumecology travel hours as assistant educators.  There are exceptions to policy for Walsh University and California State University students who are full time sophomores.

​3. What expenses will I have to cover and what will be included for free in the program?

Dumecologist are provided free hotel accommodations in a two person room, three meals per day, and a weekly stipend. (amount undetermined) 


4. Is the Dumecology/Dumecologist a credited program like other University I.E.P programs?


Both the Dumecology and the summer 2023 I.E.P program have a path for accreditation. Presently, the program participants participate on a B1/B2 Visa. An I-20 is NOT needed.

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