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Travel Policy

World United has been traveling with the Department of State International Cultural Exchange participants since 2006. Manny Dume has driven more than 200,000 miles with more than 3000 participants from over 30 different countries


World United is not a business, it is a vision created by its founder. A vision of World Unity, Peace, Love and Understanding.


The vehicles provided for the travel adventures are made available by supporters of the program, they are called "Transportation Providers". The vehicles are insured with full coverage. But, we all know things could go wrong no matter how much we are prepared. We take pride that we have never had a situation that has not had a successful solution during our travels.


In the event that any difficulties arise before or during our travel, the following policy will take place.


  • If a winter storm should happen and we are unable to make it out of Lake Tahoe, all funds paid by the student WILL BE REFUNDED.

  • If something happens to the vehicle while traveling and we are unable to complete our adventure, World United will arrange and pay for the transportation so that participants can return to Lake Tahoe as soon as possible. The payment that the students have made for the trip WILL BE REFUNDED.

  • For Code Red Participants, if anything goes wrong, code red participants WILL BE REFUNDED their 50% from the first part of their journey, or the 50% of the return home journey.


A Code Red Adventure is a journey where participants do not pay an advance deposit because it is an adventure. When they reach the destination they pay for 50% of the journey. When they depart the destination point back to their origin the participants contribute the other 50% of the adventure.

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