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Merrill’s Marauders Cultural Travel Program

Chongqing, China

A Service Connected American Veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment

Lineage traced to the 5307th Merrill’s Marauders Owned & Managed Organization


Merrill’s Marauders

Chinese American Friendship Initiative

“We Establish Friendships That Last a Lifetime”

5 Day Certificate Program

Location: Joseph Stilwell Museum

Chongqing, China



11 March                                 1 April              22 April

18 March                                8 April               29 April

25 March                              15 April



The Merrill’s Marauders Chinese American Friendship Initiative (C.A.F.I) is a 5 day introduction related to Sino-US cooperation during World War II and a steppingstone to establishing new friendships between Chinese and American citizens in the 21st century.  Although everyone is welcome to register and participate in the program; the C.A.F.I is highly recommended for all Chinese undergraduate F-1/J-1 students desiring to study or work in the U.S, all American University students arriving to China on study abroad and U.S professors arriving to China to teach. The five day program is facilitated by Dumecologist who have advance degrees in Linguistics, TESL, TESOL and Asian American Studies, and Chinese University History Professors.


The Chinese American Friendship Initiative is free for all Chinese undergraduate students applying for a U.S  F-1/J-1 visa.  Participants are responsible for their own expenses which include the following:

  1. Transportation to Chongqing, China

  2. 5 night Hotel Accommodations

  3. Daily Meals

  4. Transportation from Hotel to Stilwell Museum, Air Force Anti-Japanese War Memorial Park, Chongqing Anti-Japanese War Site Museum

  5. Stilwell Museum and Merrill’s Marauders Exhibition Tour With Professional Staff


Register For CAFI

Thanks for registering for CAFI. See you there!

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