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What is Dumecology?

       Dumecology is a language instruction model that uses innovative and culturally responsive pedagogical methods.  Dumecology language programs are not facilitated in brick and mortar schools. Dumecology program participants learn the English language as they travel to exciting destinations around the world accompanied by skilled English Language Specialists. These English Language Educational designers have the title of  Dumecologist.

What is a Dumecologist?

      Dumecologist are English Language Specialist/Educational Designers with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics or English. Dumecologist with a degree in other related fields should have a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and a teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification.  Dumecologist must also possess a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in TESOL. Dumecologist must complete 3,000 miles of travel with Dumecology program participants before they receive the title of Dumecologist.

What is the History and Origen of Dumecology?

            The vision of Dumecology began in 1982, but the rapid development of Dumecology as an innovative brand of English language pedagogy was made possible with funding from the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2017 Manny Dume submitted a written plan requesting the resources needed for the creation of Dumecology; although the terminology “Dumecology” was not used, the plan outlined the needed support of 48 months of education in the professional field of “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.” With the approval of the plan under the Veteran Readiness & Employment benefit, Manny was able to apply and be accepted as an undergrad in the Department of Linguistics/TESL at California State University Northridge. He graduated on the Deans list in May of 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, a Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and Asian American Studies. In June 2022 Manny applied and was accepted to Walsh University’s Masters in Education program with an Emphasize in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 


         World United founder Manny Dume’s vision of Dumecology began in 1982 when he was the Lotte Hotel’s English Instructor in Seoul, Korea. The Lotte English students always wanted to learn about exciting destinations in the U.S such as (San Francisco, Hollywood, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Chicago etc.) they often asked Manny if he had traveled to those places. Manny had arrived in Korea when he was twenty years old and had no experience traveling outside of the Northeast of the United States. That year at the Lotte was when Manny thought of the idea of someday making teaching English fun and enjoyable. Manny’s vision was established; some day he would develop a program that taught English as the teacher travels with the students to exciting destinations.  

In summer of 2005 Manny left his position at the U.S Embassy in the Dominican Republic and settled in Reno/Lake Tahoe; a region of the United States that welcomes hundreds of Department of State International cultural exchange University students each year. Manny began work as the Logistical supervisor for a company in Reno, Nevada and with his employment income began the World United Cultural Exchange Organization. The following summer of 2006 Manny began organizing short trips for the International students, two years later in 2008 Manny left his $75,000 annual salary employment and began traveling full time with International students during the summer, spring and winter seasons. In 2009 he relocated to New York and began World United in the Northeast. In 2011 he relocated to Florida and began traveling with students in the Southeast. In 2014 he relocated to Los Angeles, California completing the expansion of World United in the four regions of the U.S ( North Wests, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest.)

           By 2016 Manny had traveled more than 200,000 miles with close to 3,000 International students from more than 40 different countries. For a decade Manny had lived a life of a minimalist and a doctrine of non-accumulation. Since 2006 Manny gave close to one Million dollars of in kind contributions towards the development of World United and the Dumecology brand.

In 2017 the final phase of the establishment of Dumecology began as mentioned above, Manny enrolled as a full time student at California State University one of the leading Universities in the United States that specializes in Linguistics. The goal is set to establish Dumecology as the most prestigious and innovative private English Language program in the World. Manny feels that it is important to lead by example, he require that all Dumecologist have similar credentials as he.

          On December 1st of  2023 the Dumecology program will begin a six month pre-launch of the official Dumecology program and its expansion in Asia. Starting in the month of December World United ex-students, their friends and family members will be invited to join Manny in Thailand for various Dumecology adventures. On January 16th, 2024, The Founders Day celebration will be held in Chiang Rai, Thailand, the celebration will also commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the arrival of Manny to the United States in 1964.

In April 2024 a Coast to Coast Dumecology adventure will depart Dume Village in Malibu, California and will arrive to Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio on May 4th to celebrate Manny’s Masters graduation ceremony; after the graduation ceremony the journey will continue to New York City ending the first official Dumecology Coast to Coast adventure at the Atlantic Ocean on Rockaway Beach.  



 With more than 40 years of dedicated service with the International Cultural/student exchange community, Manuel (Manny) Dume is recognized as one of the World’s most dedicated and selfless English-language conversation instructors. Manny’s innovative registered brand of Intensive English Learning “ Dumecology”, not only prepares students, graduates, businessmen, and businesswomen for successful academic studies and effective English communication; it also establishes friendships that last a lifetime. Some of Manny’s impressive career accomplishments in the World of cultural language exchange are as follows:

               * More than 3,000 hours of in-class English conversation instruction to University students while contracted as the full-time English language instructor for South Korea’s Tourism Industry Leader (1982-1986)

               * Foreign Diplomat in South Korea (1986-1988) as Cultural Attaché facilitated cultural and English language lessons to university student leaders from all major universities in Seoul. Including during the period of the democratic movement of 1987.


               * Based in Mexico City during the first decade of the North American Free Trade agreement from (1992-2003) hired students to work at the Canadian/American company he directed, and in collaboration with the brothers of Christian Instruction recruited many Mexican students to attend the  High School he graduated from Mount Assumption/Seton Catholic.


               * Initiated English language programs for the Latino community in North Lake Tahoe, California (2003-2006)


               * 2006 to present: Founded World United and initiated the International Cultural Exchange travel program with an English language component. Traveled with more than 2,500 International students, from over 40 different countries to almost every region of the United States. (Over 200,000 miles)


               * In 2017 he began his guest for a University Degree as a full-time student of linguistics. Graduated from California State University with a degree in Linguistics and TESL in May of 2022.


               * 2022 officially branded the English language component of World United’s Cultural Exchange travel program “Dumecology”, established the requirements for those who will be involved with the Dumecology program as teachers, and branded their title as “Dumecologist”


 Dumecology is an innovative Intensive English Language Cultural Travel Program


                * Foreign visitors arrive at the United States on B1/B2 Tourist Visa

               * University students already in the United States join the experience during their school breaks

               * Participants do not pay a fee or price to enjoy the cultural experience, the established expense of the travel is shared by the group equally. There are no strangers in Dumecology, only friends who hadn’t yet met”

               * Dumecologist joining on the experience are volunteers, they are the founder’s University Alumni brothers & sisters, and graduates from Universities throughout the United State who have degrees in Linguistics, TESL, and English.

               * Drivers are also volunteers; they are veterans who enjoy conversing and showing all the United States landmarks to our extended family, our international visitors, and University students studying in the U.S.


 Joining the Dumecology International family is an honor and a privilege, we welcome all our friends to join us. We are widely diverse and all inclusive.


               * Our English conversations begin the moment we gather for breakfast in the morning and continue until we retire to bed at night. Approximately 10 hours or more per day. (70 hours per week)


               * Dumecology enjoys nature, our experience is not about being in a classroom at an American University 25 hours a week. Our English learning is done as we travel to exciting destinations as friends. Cities and towns of the United States, National parks, Rivers, Lakes and Oceans, Barbecues, picnics, and volleyball and soccer games on the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


How does the Dumecology experience compare to the standard intensive English programs that are in place at Universities and Language institutes throughout the United States:


 EIP programs in the United States:


               *  Inside Classroom Instruction: 25 hours per week X 8 weeks: 200 hours

               *  Application Fee: $150

               *  Program Fee: $3.345.00

               *  Housing & Meal Plan:  $3,340.00

                   Total: $6,835.00 (U.S Dollars)


Dumecology International Friends Cultural Exchange Road trip with English conversation:

               * English learning as we travel to exciting destinations: Estimated Minimum of 408 hours during the 8 week  Dumecology coast to coast program.

               * Application and Program Fee: None; ($0) We are traveling together as World United International members, not as applicants for an Institution’s profit-making program.

               * Total cost of the Dumecology program $4,900 all inclusive.

               * Housing: Included in the shared expense: (2 person room at a Wyndham chain hotel or similar)

               * Meal Plan: Breakfast is included when the group stays at our designated Wyndham hotel. Meals per traveling friend are estimated at $25 * dollars per day

Who can join us on a World United Dumecology friendship road trip adventure?

  • International students on vacation that have been granted a tourist visa with the specific purpose to travel on the Dumecology International cultural experience. (18 years of age or older who have completed High School) If High school has not been completed, must be accompanied by a parent(s).


  • Businessmen and women from all regions of the world, American and International students enrolled at Universities in the United States along with their families and friends, Department of State J-1 summer work and travel students on their 30-day grace period for travel and their families. Veterans and their families, World United Alumni and their families. All participants must understand in detail that Dumecology is not a tourist agency/company, they will be participating in a cultural exchange road trip experience, similar to going on an exciting journey with a group of friends. Participation is totally voluntary, and one of the purposes of the adventure is to establish international friendships that last a lifetime.

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