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Point Dume, Dume Village, Dume Beach
Malibu, California
   Our Adopted Home

Detailed Video of Point Dume's History

World United Founder's first Alumni group of students came upon Dume Drive, Dume Village, and Dume Beach in the summer of 2006 as he was taking them up the Pacific Coastal Highway to San Francisco from Santa Monica. It was the last leg of the end of the summer season travel adventure. Since then more than 500 young men and women from over 30 different countries have taken a Coast to Coast road trip of over 3,000 miles (some over 4,000) or have flown to LA to participate in a regional trip to get to this point. This group has been added to the other more than 2,000 who have traveled with World United during the same period.

In the past 17 years, World United has created an Alumni society of over 2,000 young men and women from over 40 different countries who have one thing in common, they have taken a "Dume Drive" with him somewhere in the United States. In recent years the younger brothers and sisters of Alumni and their mom and dad have come to the United States to travel on the journey. Many Alumni have returned to participate on different adventure routes. All the accomplishments of the programs have been created while living a life of vows of poverty, non-accumulation of wealth.

Mr. Craigar Grosvenor, CEO AND FOUNDER OF PUPPY ENTERTAINMENT AND AN INTERNATIONAL RENOWN SPEAKER: Found out about World United and it's International family in 2013. Since then Mr. Grosvenor welcomes World United members to Dume Village, his words of inspiration, and speeches that coincided with the sunset as the ocean waves reach the shore in a peaceful calmly fashion is a scene to be seen.

Fun FactsImportant scenes in the Planet of the Apes series were filmed at Point Dume's Westward Beach.


In Iron Man and its sequels, the protagonist Tony Stark's huge seaside mansion was set on Point Dume at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
With its close proximity to the film and television industry location, Point Dume's Westward Beach continues to be a popular filming location for films, television, advertisements, and videos, appearing frequently whenever a beach scene is needed.
Vincent Price's ashes were put here. The season 3 finale of Angel was filmed on the cliffs above Point Dume State Beach. An episode of the television series Modern Family was filmed on Point Dume State Beach. The pilot episode of I Dreams of Jeannie filmed at Point Dume which served as the deserted South Pacific Island where astronaut Tony Nelson's (Larry Hagman) capsule washed ashore and he released (Barbara Eden) Jeannie from 2,000 years of imprisonment.

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