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World United


 Mission statement

     "We Establish Friendships That Last A Life Time".

   "Our vision is that of a World of "Peace, Love, Unity and Mutual Understanding". The founder's upbringing

   with the Brothers of Christian Instruction and the Sisters of Our Lady of Grace began in 1965 when he

   was 8 years old. At the age of 18 Manuel (Manny) graduated from High School, and he began the life you are

   going to hopefully read about on this page.

First "Dume" to pass through immigration at the newly named John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) April 1964 (Passport Photo)

Manuel Dume' (Manny)

Manuel Dume (Manny Dume) arrived in Corona, Queens New York from the Dominican Republic in April of 1964, he was 7 years old. Upon his arrival to the United States, he was placed in private boarding schools to be raised by The Brothers of Christian Instruction, commonly known as the La Mennais Brothers, a Catholic educational organization founded in 1819.

In 1976 shortly after graduating from the organization's Mount Assumption Institute he joined the U.S Army and was sent to serve in the Republic of Korea. During his service in Korea, he volunteered to teach English to Amer-Asian orphan children.... 


World United Founder's first Alumni group of students came upon Dume Drive, Dume Village, and Dume Beach in the summer of 2006 as he was taking them up the Pacific Coastal Highway to San Francisco from Santa Monica.

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