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Welcome to World United


World United is a private International Cultural Exchange Organization registered and based in Los Angeles County, California. Manuel (Manny) Dume's personal "World United" brand has a lineage of 1977 in the village of Tongduchon, South Korea when he served as a soldier and taught English to orphan children.  World United has more than 2,500 Alumni members of its cultural travel programs, and an internationally based executive network of volunteers in every continent. 

World United's founder has personally driven International students to more than 100 cities and 27 States in the United States of America. 


The World United Cultural travel program Division of World United was developed and initiated in summer of 2006, shortly afterwards the English language component was added to the regional and coast to coast travel adventures. The vision of World United is to establish a large world wide community of friendships that will last a lifetime, thereby promoting World Peace, Love, Unity and Mutual Understanding, and networking in entrepreneurial ideas that will make the World a better place.


World United has always facilitated its Cultural programs under a doctrine of non-accumulation and vows of poverty. Its financial needs have always been met by the support of visible and anonymous "Alumni of those taught by the Brothers of Christian Instruction", (M.A.I & Denis Hall), and fellow U.S Army Special Ops 

veterans the founder served with in Korea and in the U.S Army Ranger Battalion. Twenty Nineteen (2021) marks the 15th year anniversary of this particular endeavor resulting in the continual growth of the Alumni Group. Presently there are World United Alumni in more then 40 countries. Every Alumni has a special achievement in common, they have traveled throughout the United States on World United Cultural Travel Programs together with the founder Manny Dume', or have been welcomed to the United States by him by way of World United's "Welcome to America Project". 

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