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Dumecology ECCTP  Three(3) Week Travel Program (Intensive English Component)
This 21-day program allows participants to travel to more than 30 different exciting destinations. This includes stops at various landmarks and national parks.
(Open for everyone: English speakers are welcomed to take part in the travel adventure with our International participants)

* The ECCTP (English Conversation Cultural Travel program) takes place year round and consists of cultural Travel in the western region of the United States. 

* English Conversation among participants takes place daily from breakfast time in the morning, until the time we say goodnight in the evening. The Formal lessons are limited to 18 hours per week or less allowing those visitors on B1/B2 visas to participate on the program.


* The entire program is designed not only to improve English-language proficiency and travel to exciting destinations in the U,S but also to establish international friendships that will last a lifetime.


* Group sizes are 10 participants per group as we travel in a caravan with one facilitator per group (Vehicle). Each journey has a facilitator that is not only a graduate in Linguistics/Teaching English as a Foreign Language, but has also been chosen because of her/his outgoing personality, character, required energy for the travel, and other traits that are required to meet the World United Standards. All facilitators mingle outside of their assigned group on a daily basis during meals, while we enjoy sight seeing, evening gatherings and so on.

World United is a Los Angeles County based organization and the home of Point Dume and Dume Beach we as tradition begin and end the ECCTP program in Los Angeles.



Dates of  the ECCTP travel dates (When registering, please select your preferred program dates.


  •  Due to Covid Dates to be determined. Will be posted soon


Cost for Trip: The program cost is being determined and will be posted soon. The cost is guaranteed to be less then any other IEP program in the U.S



  • All Transportation (10 Program Participants per vehicle + Driver and a Program Facilitator.  (15 Passenger Van fully insured for travel.

  • Housing Accommodations (20 nights) - 2 persons to a room (Wyndham Chain of Hotels)

  • All meals

  • Entrance to all National Parks



Olga, Ana, Tanya (Russia)
Summer 2006 Western Region Adventure Lake Tahoe


Participants in San Francisco Summer 2007 (Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova)

7710956736_1d51006d4b_o (3).jpg

Participants from China, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, Ukraine 2010


Participants at the Grand Canyon 2011 (Japan, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Taiwan)


World United Participants from China, enjoying a first time traditional American Breakfast on the ECCTP Program 2019 (Los Angeles, Founder's residence)


World United Participants from South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, U.S.A, Chile, Costa Rica, enjoy Las Vegas Winter 2009

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