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Dumecology U.S.A
8 Week Intensive English Language Program
Click the map and view the Dumecology Route


 Dumecology is an innovative Intensive English Language Cultural Travel Program


Dumecology is an 8 week immersive English program with:

  • Digital native advanced lessons facilitated as participants travel with a Dumecologist throughout the U,S.A (See route map above)

  • Small group sizes (typically 12 students assigned to a Dumecologist)

  • A unique Social Media integrated novel framework in higher education

  • Experienced Drivers Who are part of the World United Organization

  • Access to tours of university campuses and observation of student life in many of the Universities in different regions of the United States


 Joining the Dumecology International family is an honor and a privilege, we welcome all our friends to join us. We are widely diverse and all inclusive.


               * Our English conversations begin the moment we gather for breakfast in the morning and continue until we retire to bed at night. Estimated10 hours or more per day. (70 hours per week)


               * The Dumecology experience does not take place in a classroom, it occurs as we travel to exciting destinations throughout the United States as friends. 


How does the Dumecology English language immersion experience compare to the standard intensive English programs that are in place at other institutions throughout the United States:


 EIP programs in the United States:


               *  Inside Classroom Instruction: 25 hours per week X 8 weeks: 200 hours

               *  Application Fee: $150

               *  Program Fee: $3.345.00

               *  Housing & Meal Plan:  $3,340.00

                   Total: $6,835.00 (U.S Dollars)


Dumecology Innovated English language immersion program:  8 Week Coast to Coast Cultural Travel Adventure

               * Estimated Minimum of 408 hours during the 8 week  Dumecology coast to coast program.

               * Application and Program Fee: None; ($0) We are traveling together as World United International members, not as applicants for an Institution’s profit-making program.

               * Total cost of the Dumecology program $4,900 all inclusive.

               * Housing: Included in the shared expense: (2 person room at a Wyndham chain hotel or similar)

               * Meal Plan: Breakfast is included when the group stays at our designated Wyndham hotel. Meals per student is estimated at $25 * dollars per day

Who can apply to participate on World United's Dumecology Program?

  • International students on vacation that have been granted a tourist visa with the specific purpose to travel on the Dumecology cultural experience. World United is responsible for preparing the invitation documents for visa application at no charge. (No Fee).

International students enrolled at Universities in the United States along with their families and friends.

(18 years of age or older who have completed High School) If High school has not been completed, must be accompanied by a parent(s).


  • Businessmen and women from all regions of the world who are sponsored by their company.

  • International students enrolled at Universities in the United States along with their families and friends.

  • Previous Department of State J-1 summer work and travel students.

  • Veterans and their family.

  •  World United Alumni and their families.


  • All participants must understand in detail that Dumecology is not a tourist agency/company, they will be participating in a cultural exchange road trip experience, similar to going on an exciting journey with a group of friends. Participation is totally voluntary, one of the purposes of the adventure is to establish international friendships that last a lifetime.  Individuals with certain medical conditions are advised not to consider going on the Dumecology program, it involves long hours of travel and although we try to have meals at regular hours, sometimes it is not possible while on the road. Dumecology is an exciting adventure of a lifetime, but it is also very demanding. 


Seat #2 Dumecologist

Click the link below and view hundreds of World United images of previous Coast to Coast Adventures

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